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Fear of Panic Attacks

Fear of panic attacks has robbed me of so much of my life its hard to even talk about. Truth is tonight over something as simple as going to the Ice display at the Gaylord Hotel in Grapevine, Texas was a reason to cry.

Why? I usually don’t make it to things like this so I had never been before. Fear. Crippling, the kind that consumes you kept me from going with my son.  My son’s father took him everywhere so HE didn’t miss out on life as I was.

Fast forward to tonight, I got a second chance of sorts with my family.  I was anxious and perhaps a little impatient, but I did it. I went. Yes, I have regret I missed seeing it with my son Paul but he knows the why’s of me and still loves me.

It is the little things that are triumphs when you live with panic and anxiety.

If you suffer as well, just know that YOU can do it.  Talk positive to yourself and hold on as miracles still happen.

Much love, much peace, and much patience,


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