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How to Help During a Panic Attack

Thank you to Kelsey Darrah on Twitter for this brilliant idea of making a list. The list she posted in May for her boyfriend was precious.

Being empowered from seeing Kelsey’s post, I knew it was my turn to make a list. It is dedicated to my family and friends: each one not needed to be named as it would be a book, not a blog.

Cheryl’s List to Understand what Panic and Anxiety Disorder is like and how to help.

  1. Panic Attacks come without warning. I literally can be enjoying a meal and out of nowhere: bam. The mind is going, the hands start shaking, among a host of other things and speaking in any way – mostly a nice way is probably not going to happen. This is where the definition ‘unconditional love’ was meant for.
    1. Rule number 1: Do not get upset with me, please.
  2. Note this is as important as #1 – Panic Aide is first and foremost, but don’t forget the prescriptions either.
    1. Rule number 2: Grab my meds
  3. Please keep in mind that there is utter chaos in my body at this point, including shaking, sweating, fainting, and nauseousness.
    1. Rule number 3: Please bring me a towel. It could be a teddy bear or whatever works for you but i need a towel or rag to keep by my mouth and wipe my sweat.
  4. Since having a panic attack in public, even if just with friends or family is not where I want to be please take me home.
    1. Rule number 4: If we can leave where we are then please take me home.
  5. I am asking a lot but please be patient as I am beating myself up enough for everyone, trust me. I am embarrassed, upset, guilty and my biggest fear is to show the kids.
    1. Rule number 5: Be patient and if kids are home – distract from me 

I will probably add on as there will be more clarity as I dive through my strive to help myself and others learn all there is and how we really can stop panic attacks, so we can live normal – or relatively normal.

Kelsey Darrah on Twitter

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