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I’m Not OK and it’s OK

You don’t understand it I get it. I mean if you have never experienced a panic attack you wouldn’t be so judgemental to those who have it.

By telling someone it isn’t real, or you don’t have faith, or just relax is not anything we haven’t thought for ourselves. And why do you feel you have the right to say that? It doesn’t help! I personally am not suicidal, I know many who are, and by pushing those buttons all you are doing is adding fuel to the fire.

A panic attack is VERY real to the person having it. It is different for everyone all I do know it is terrifying and makes you question your sanity in ways I can never explain.

It eats at your life and leaves you with regret. Regret from missing graduations, birthdays, events and dreams you had to let go because of the fear.

My best advice is to remember nobody is as they seem so be nice.

Just remember that everyone has issues, whatever they may be, there is enough pain in this world so no need to add to it.

In peace and love,


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