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Panic attacks are always on my Mind

Panic attacks come without warning and can ruin any situation. I have missed more meetings, events, birthdays, graduations and family events than I can even begin to go through those as it would be hell to relive them all.

I have had family beyond upset with me and friends that couldn't tolerate the unknown of my ability to be present.  Why? Because of panic attacks. They curtail my progress and render me helpless.  I move into my mind while laying on the bathroom floor or in the corner of my bedroom just trying to get through it.

It is a battle and a hard one. It takes every ounce of your being to get through it. 

Explaining it isn't easy and most don't even think it's real, but when you are in it fighting the throat closing, throwing up, stomach, head, mind and body war it is more than I can handle.

If you don't know just have patience and celebrate with us when we make it somewhere as it is a big deal for us to actually be there. We love you and although we don't feel loveable as who wants to be stuck with someone who doesn't know if they will make it or not we sure try.

I made Panic Aide™ for when panic hits to help ride the wave but it doesn't cure, predict or prevent panic attacks it is a tool to help navigate the attack.  Remember you are not alone if you suffer from extreme anxiety and panic just know you are loved and you can do it.


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